Architectural Sketch: What is It?

The architectural sketch is the drawing that gives birth to a project. In other words, it is the first sketch of a work and does not require precise traces, since it functions as a tool for the professional to express his ideas quickly. It is through the sketch that the architect communicates with colleagues and […]

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Graphic Representation in Architecture

As human beings, we are programmed to look at the real world, draw conclusions, and formulate abstract ideas. It is a survival mechanism, since we need to make sure beforehand that the “object” before us will not harm us. Such is the importance of graphic representation in architecture. The importance of graphic representation It is […]

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Architecture Professionals: Most Demanded Programs!

Every profession has a few things that need to be mastered in order for the job to be done better. Architecture is no different. To correctly develop projects, the architect must use programs and apps that are part of this process and also the creation process. Check now the most required programs for architecture professionals. […]

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Exposed Concrete in Architecture and Interior Design

In recent decades, its presence has gained strength as a stylistic resource for architects and interior designers. A number of architectural and interior design trends abuse fair-faced concrete and, in today’s article, we will learn a little more about them. But first, a few concepts must be defined! The difference between decoration and architecture It […]

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Innovation in Architecture

For a long time now, architects have been fully aware of the importance of innovation in architecture as a determining factor for creating environments that meet people’s needs and can improve the quality of life at work. Among the main innovations that are already being applied in architectural projects we can mention use of apps; […]

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